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San Diego, CA

Put Sure Safe foundation system on our raised foundation to secure it. I couldn't ask for a better service. We saved appx. $14,000 over the standard foundation secures all piers to the ground, making our foundation stable and earthquake-proof. A great company, with great people!

"Art, Remember us? We live in Westcliffe, Colorado and your system passed the test!!! Last weekend, we had hurricane force winds of more than 100 mph. The wind broke out some windows, took out our goat shed, made the house shake, but the foundation stood firm! It’s great and we’re thankful!"

I now have a sense of security and peace of mind that my old home is more solid on its foundation. Art and his crew provided photos, and were helpful in explaining how the Sure Safe foundation system works. The team was professional and timely as they completed the work...

Santee, CA

Sure Safe EFS recently retrofitted my home home's foundation. Sure Safe EFS is very professional. They are very honest. They are always responsive and answer all of your questions. We were very satisfied with the prices.

"I'm amazed at the results of my foundation . . . what a difference it has made. Just walking from room to room you can actually feel the improved firmness of the added support. Generally, the whole home feels solid, a secure feeling for sure."

"We were so impressed with your "Sure Safe" method"

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