The name Sure Safe® did not exist until 1986, prior to then the combination of words had never been used before. In September 1988, the name Sure Safe was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is still a registered trademark. I like to tell this story because those two words are now used by many thousands of businesses in different categories all over the world, but for us, those two words is our mission statement.


TO BE SURE, all Sure Safe products and systems are engineered to the most stringent standards for what they are designed to do. TO BE SAFE, all products manufactured are put through rigorous testing to meet Sure Safe quality standards. That also applies to our foundation repair centers.


TO BE SURE, we start with a very thorough inspection of the home’s joists, girders, posts and stem wall. We also take photos of all structural members and draw a diagram of the existing foundation. Once we have everything, it is brought to our office where it is studied and verified by our engineers and staff and then if a repair is necessary it is designed site specific to the home. Additionally, comments are added to the photos taken under your home so that you can see firsthand what we are proposing and why. TO BE SAFE, if you decide to move forward with the repair, an engineered drawing is prepared and sealed by a professional registered engineer and submitted to the building department for approval, and later inspected. You may have wondered, where the salespeople are in the process, the answer is we have no salespeople. Everything is done by our staff and engineers. We make things simple enough so that you can be SURE SAFE®.

[side note] We have now been in business for 30 years through our dealers and distributers providing the highest quality foundations and systems available today. Our engineered foundation systems have been time and earthquake tested dating back to the Whittier Earthquake (1987), Loma Prieta (1989), Landers Earthquake (1992) and the most recent earthquake, Northridge (1994). In all earthquakes our systems performed flawlessly and were marveled at by top experts in the field of forensic earthquake mitigation studies. Today, we are well known for our advanced foundation technology for crawl space homes.