Make Your Manufactured Home Strong Again

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When it comes to high end, quality manufactured homes, award winning developers like George Putnam choose two things, their own architect and Sure Safe!

The Sure Safe Steel Buttress Foundation System is HUD compliant and qualifies for FHA and VA financing. Moreover, it can easily be installed on existing manufactured homes.

As Manufactured housing turns the corner and becomes the new affordable housing of the future, it is the structural performance of these homes that will separate the winners from the losers

It has been estimated that as many as 90% of all manufactured home will experience some type of costly structural failure that can be directly traced to the installation of the home. In fact a properly installed manufactured home is so important that new laws have been passed that will require all manufactured homes to be installed on site soil and model specific engineered foundations.

Sure Safe® EFS engineered foundation systems are site and model specific engineered. The site and model specificity of Sure Safe® EFS foundations means that all engineering is geared towards meeting live and dead loads of the home along with the specific site conditions such as soil, earthquake, hurricane, frost heave, snow load, etc.

Sure Safe® is also the only foundation that can be retrofitted on existing manufactured homes in compliance with IBC and HUD building codes without moving or lifting the home. AND, Due to the superior structural performance of manufactured homes installed on Sure Safe® EFS foundations, special financing is now in the offing that will allow homes that are installed only on Sure Safe® EFS foundations to be appraised just like site built homes!

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