Modular (Factory Built) Homes

This superior method of installing a modular home starts with a series pre-level Temp-Blocks. The Temp-Blocks are assembled and leveled at the exact height the home is to be placed. Once the temporary support is established, the house is craned (or off loaded) onto the Temp-Blocks and completely installed. Due to its triangle top, each Temp-Blocks makes at least two separate abutments completely supporting the overlying perimeter rim joist and mate line joist which reduces total labor and crane time.

Once the modular home is installed on the Temp Blocks, the Super Buttress™ structural columns are then lag bolted to the rim joists. Each Super Buttress™ column is a tubular stanchion having an upper and lower end, an anchor base moment plate with uplift arms welded to the lower end of the stanchion with transverse wing tabs.

Next the continuous fabric formed footing is placed on the footprint of the home and the rebar placed inside with inlet holes cut to receive concrete slurry. When filled, the footing are 24 inches wide and 10” deep with the with the moment plates and uplift arms no less than 3” from the grade or 3” inched from the top formed footing.

Connected to the wing tabs with self tapping screws. A ½ inch cement board is then attached to the backfill plate. Stucco or other finish can be installed over the cement board.

A ventilation screen covers a ventilation gap between the cement board and the rim joist. A belly band or siding is then installed over the vent forming a clearance between the stucco and the rim joist providing cross ventilation. The cross ventilation allows airflow under the house and prevents black mold infestation.

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