Foundation Services

Specializing in historic homes and crawl space homes of all types, Sure Safe® brings to bear over 30 years of experience, excellence and ethics to the foundation repair industry. Our foundation repair systems are designed by top engineers to provide maximum protection for historic and crawl space homes of all types.

Our exclusive Bubble Form™ technology (pat. pend.) is light years ahead of outdated conventional methods that didn’t work to begin with!

  • No need to jack up the house
  • No need to knock out existing stem walls
  • No need for costly new stem walls
  • No need to bolt the home down

This amazing foundation repair technology repairs and restores historic and crawl space homes and makes them much stronger than they have ever been. With our Bubble Form™ technology, each footing is injected with 9 square feet of 2500 psi concrete under the home which forms to the ground below and weighs over 1,166 lbs per footing!

Nothing is stronger than the Evolution One Footing System-Nothing!